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Energy consumption has become one of the largest costs for any business. Given the UK’s generation capacity is reducing whilst consumption is rising energy costs will inevitable increase well above the rate of inflation.


To thrive in the future organisations must actively manage and reduce their energy consumption year by year. Tough energy efficiency targets are being imposed by Government to force organisations to use less energy.


evision displays your real time energy consumption to staff, customers and suppliers. You can demonstrate industry leadership and change corporate culture. The Carbon Trust estimate that 15% can be saved on your energy bills by publishing real time consumption data. The Government recognise the importance and offer tax breaks for automatic monitoring systems.



Businesses need to quickly adapt to a new era where energy costs will rise significantly faster than inflation. evision allows your staff and customers to see your energy consumption in real time. Allowing everyone to view your energy consumption is an essential first step towards changing behavior.




Raw data is collected from the building and analysed in detail using our navitus web based service. The client can select which graphs should be exported and displayed on the evision screens.


Screens can be placed on each floor in a building to encourage competition between staff. Reducing energy consumption requires the involvement of everyone in the organisation.


evision can also integrate with Cisco IPPS telephony systems to display the real time energy consumption of the organisation on the handsets LCD screens.





·         Displays your real time energy consumption
·         Demonstrate the importance of energy efficiency to staff, suppliers and customers
·         Tax breaks available to fund systems
·         15% savings say The Carbon Trust
·         Engage, motivate and empower your staff to conserve energy
·         Compare buildings or zones within a building
·         Encourage community involvement in schools and public buildings
·         Can display temperature data from celsius
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